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Stop working for your business. 
Make it work FOR YOU!

You started your business because you wanted the FREEDOM to work on your passion, not to be tied to inefficient systems and hours of administrative work.

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Stop filling your days with back end administrative work. 

Stop working late into the night trying to catch up. 

Stop forgetting steps in your processes that are affecting your client experience. 

Stop copying + pasting over and over again. 

Stop the never ending follow up with leads and potential clients about booking with you. 

Stop telling yourself excuses. 

Stop working FOR your business. Make it work FOR YOU. 

There is a solution for your burnout and overwhelm. 

Together we can strategically streamline, automate and customize your processes from beginning to end - creating a system that keeps your clients moving forward and you organized behind the scenes, so you can spend less time booking and managing MORE clients (and more time doing what you love!)

I’m no magician BUT what my Done-For-You Dubsado service will do for your business, might feel like magic.

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Hey there, I'm Stephanie!

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Previously an award-winning wedding planner, now your Workflow + Systems Expert. 

Like you, there was a time when I was bogged down with all the administrative tasks in my business. No matter how organized I was, I was constantly spending time emailing back and forth or toggling between platforms with limited capabilities. This kept me from spending time in front of my clients, adding new clients or better yet- doing what I love + being with those I love! 😍

Since those days, I’ve learned a lot. I've made my career out of learning the strategies that work best to automate business systems, and I've invested countless hours and gobs of money 💰 learning every inch of the best platforms available for automation. Dubsado outperforms many of the CRMs out there, and I know the ins and outs of the platform like the back of my hand.

I have taken my organizational expertise from the wedding world and put it to the online world through workflow and automations, with a mission to change the way we operate within our business. 

You’ll no longer be working for your systems, they’ll work for you.

Here's just a few of my happy clients. . . 

“Stephanie was incredible to work with. She is so knowledgeable with Dubsado and as a former wed-pro, she was able to make smart 

recommendations regarding the flow and processes of my workflows. Hiring Stephanie was essential to maximizing Dubsado’s capabilities. I would have never been able to set it up myself and I'm so grateful I had a confident, capable pro there to walk me through it all!”

-Courtney A., Florist

"Working with Stephanie was a dream! I had struggled for so long to try and fix issues with my Dubsado on my own, but she was able to 

come in and easily correct the backend issues professionally and quickly. She was detailed, communicative, and had great customer service throughout the entire process. Thank you Stephanie!"

-Emma T., Social Media Marketer
Ready to automate your systems?
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I know what you’re thinking,

"Yeah, this all sounds great. . .

But what will this REALLY do for me?
How will this actually CHANGE my business?"

from this


Spending hours doing busy work behind the scenes and recreating the same forms and emails for each new client. 

Streamlined and consistent canned emails, forms, and scheduling so you can take back your time! Even take on a few more clients $$$

to this
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Feeling like the only one with inconsistent branding across your client journey and messaging.

SAI Logo & Branding (6).png

A seamless and stunning visual experience for your client beginning to end, to match the high-end services you provide.

Stuck at home or missing out on new clients because nothing in your business moves forward without you.

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Automated systems and workflows that keep clients moving forward. Even if you're not at your desk, your business won't skip a beat.

Now that you have a good idea on how transformational a Dubsado Setup will be for you + your business -

let’s break down what’s included:

Kick Off Call (1).png

Kickoff Call to gather all the information necessary to tailor Dubsado to your business so you have streamline processes and automated workflows that’s unique and customized to your business needs

Investment (1).png
Deep Drive (1).png

A deep dive into each phase of your your signature offers (inquiry, booking, onboarding, service fulfillment, offboarding) so by the end of our project, you have an automated system that transforms leads into satisfied customers with less effort and time on your end. 

Dubsado-Buildout (1).png

Setup of components of all 5 phases for each of your signature offers (forms/canned emails/contracts/scheduler/packages/payment schedules/tags/referral sources/custom map fields/etc.)

WOW (1).png

Stunning code-free form design so you can WOW your clients with your process while being consistent with your branding!

Step-by-step (1).png

Step-by-step guidance throughout the process

Dubsado-Handover (1).png

Handover + Tutorial Call to walk you through your new system and show you how much time you will be saving each week! 

Email Support (1).png

2 weeks of post-setup email support so you can get comfortable with your new system while having a Dub Expert in your back pocket to answer your questions!

Bonus (4) (1).png

Business Coaching to strategically build your Dubsado to increase conversion, simplify onboarding, improve client experience, & set boundaries

Bonus (4) (1).png

Video training & Recorded Calls so you can use your new system with confidence and ease

This done-for-you set up starts at $4,000

*average process turnaround time is 4 weeks* 

*more features available at additional cost*

wait why so much (2).png

Not sure if a complete setup is right for you?

Social Media Image Preview (3).png

You might be wondering . . . 

Could I just learn this and do it myself, without an expert?

You absolutely could and there are plenty of resources and training for you to be able to do that. Time spent just to learn the basic features typically ranges from 6-8 hours (and beyond). Add the countless hours of trial and error, creating forms, designing templates, email funnels, PLUS learning how to set up workflows to strategically automate your business so you can increase conversions ($$$) and enhance your client experience- you’d be out a few weeks, sometimes months of work (and a lot of really late nights) that could have been spent elsewhere. 

Time is money! 

I've made my career out of learning the strategies that work best to automate business systems, and I've invested countless hours and gobs of money learning every inch of the best platforms available for automation. Dubsado outperforms many of the CRMs out there, and I know the ins and outs of the platform like the back of my hand. It’s more than just getting everything into your Dubsado. There is a strategy that comes only from extensive experience. That’s where I come in! I’ll put in the hours behind the scenes to get your Dubsado up and running, so you can use that time to continue to bring your very best to each client.

I’m already using Dubsado, can I still benefit from your services?

Yes! I can take your previously lack-luster Dubsado to new heights and help you maximize the potential of this platform. Whether you need to gain clarity, get guidance on where to start, work through your hangups/questions, or you just need someone to help you map out your workflows - I am your Dusbado go-to! No more time wasted troubleshooting your problems. I’ll leave you fully confident in how to use your new setup. 

Done For You

1:1 Strategy Sessions

 Workflow Intensives 


All with flexibility to fit your needs and budget. We can get your Dubsado working for you.

Have more questions? Check out FAQ page.
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